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Crema is an important city in Italy's Lombardy region, built along the path of Serio River. Here, tourists are likely to make their first stop in Crema's magnificent Piazza Duomo. The square forms both the geographic and social heart of the city, a piazza on to which all of the Crema's most important buildings face: Palazzo del Comune, the Torrazzo, Palazzo Pretorio, Palazzo Vescovile and, of course, the Duomo, or cathedral.

The impressive facade of Crema's cathedral is a masterpiece of Lombard Gothic architecture, complete with immense rose window and majestic portal, miraculously saved from the devastation wreaked on the city by the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa and his troops. Not to be missed: a visit to the Church of the Santissima Trinità and the historic Palazzo Arrigoni Albergoni, both built in the same flamboyant Baroque style, used to construct the Palazzo Terni de Gregori (edifice left unfinished at the start of the 18th century).

The ex Convent of Sant Agostino provides the historic venue for Crema's Civic Museum. The museum boasts a much acclaimed library housing over 75 thousand volumes, including a great quantity of invaluable manuscripts, incunabola and cinquecentine.

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