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The Oltrepò Pavese (literally, "Land-beyond-the-Po") is a triangle of land in southernmost Lombardy, where the grapes grow sweet and full of flavour. Viniculture is, in fact, Oltrepò Pavese's principal activity, favoured by the area's position on the 45° parallel and the almost Mediterranean micro-climate. Here, a number of excellent wines are produced in over four thousand cellars. Travelling along the "Strada del vino e dei sapori" visitors have ample opportunity to taste the wine and gastronomic specialities of Oltrepò Pavese and to visit the area's many enchanting villages and towns.

Casteggio's "Cantù" Charterhouse is a splendid 18th century edifice which houses an interesting Archaeological Museum. Close by, lies the hermitage dedicated to Sant'Alberto da Butrio, where the saint is reported to have resided at the start of the 11th century.

The beautifully preserved medieval town of Varzi was once a trading post for the passage of goods between Genoa and Milan. Those wishing to indulge in moments of complete relaxation, should head for Salice Terme, an attractive spa town, the thermal waters of which have been famous since the times of the Roman Empire.

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