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Known since Roman times as "civiltà dell'acqua", Varese is of ancient origin. Traces of the past can be found visiting the Masnago Castle, the Velate Towers, Belforte Castle, the Civic Tower of Piazza Monte Grappa, Villa Mirabello. The Varese lake, with its island Virginia, is quite simply stunning.

In the town's there are many religious buildings such as the Church of St Maria del Monte, the Via Sacra, the Church of St Stefano at Bizzorero, the Church of St Limerio at Bosto, the Church of St Antonio at Motta and the Church of St Giorgio at Biumo.

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Relais Villa Vittoria

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Daniela Tagliamonte


Daniela Tagliamonte

There can be many different reasons to choose Relais Villa Vittoria, but I believe the main strong point is the environment: the "Romantic... (Relais Villa Vittoria) →

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